The Proms

The world's greatest classical music festival

The world's greatest classical music festival, The Proms, returns to London this summer with over 100 concerts from 16 July-11 September.

See top talent perform everything from classical and opera, to jazz and modern experimental works. Over the 58 days of the Proms, you can enjoy endless concerts, recitals and events. The Royal Albert Hall in London is at the heart of the action and most concerts are performed here, including the raucous Last Night.

What are the Proms?

The Proms concerts have entertained audiences for over a century. A Prom means a Promenade Concert, or a concert where part of the audience stands in a "promenade" area of the hall. Today at the Albert Hall there is still an area where you can stand right at the heart of the action in front of the orchestra.

From just £5 for a ticket, up to 900 Prommers can stand in the central Arena at London's Royal Albert Hall, and a further 500 can stand, sit or recline in the Gallery.

For full listings and tickets check the BBC Proms website.

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