Hadrian's Wall

Northwest border of the Roman Empire

This World Heritage Site consists of the border line of the Roman Empire when it was at its biggest in the 2nd century.

It's part of what is known as the 'Roman Limes', which stretched over 5,000kms from the Atlantic coast of northern Britain, through Europe to the Black Sea, and from there to the Red Sea and across North Africa to the Atlantic coast.

Built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in AD122, it took soldiers 6 years to build the wall, which was 80 Roman miles long (73 modern miles) on the border of what is now England and Scotland. Designed 'to separate the Romans from Barbarians', it became the northernmost border of his empire. 

One of the most popular historical sites along Hadrian's Wall is Housesteads Fort (Vercovicium) the best preserved and most impressive of the Roman forts along the wall. Vercovicium was a 5-acre fort that held 800 people, and is also Britain's only example of a Roman hospital. English Heritage recognises the wall as 'the most important monument built by the Romans in Britain'. There are many other forts, temples and Roman architectural remains along Hadrian's Wall, most of which are remarkably well preserved.

Must see & do:

Hadrian's Wall Path itinerary - Walk the 73-mile trail of Hadrian's Wall and discover some of the best Roman forts and temples England has to offer.

Vindolanda Forts - See the remains of these army forts and visit the Roman Army Museum with displays and films devoted to Hadrian's Wall and the Roman Army, including a Roman Army recruitment film.

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