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See sparkling Scottish lochs, relax in historic gardens and bask on the beaches of the South Coast… Britain’s diverse countryside will surprise and delight.


Britain is packed with historic monuments, royal palaces and some of the world's top museums. Visit the house where Shakespeare was born, climb cathedral spires or uncover the Tower of London’s dark history…


The world’s biggest festival of the arts in Edinburgh, the romance of Jane Austen’s Bath or a lazy day spent sizing up sculpture at Tate Modern or the Scottish National Gallery…In Britain you’ll find a cultural cocktail that’s hard to beat.

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Secret coves, haunted castles, quaint country gardens, looming peaks and bustling cities at the cutting edge of fashion and music. Explore the best of Britain on video, through our YouTube channel!

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Looking for inspiring ideas on what to see and do in Britain? Check out our exciting new digital magazine! Plus Bear Grylls remembers his university days, Gordon Ramsay shares his favourite places to eat, and the Countess of Carnarvon talks about life in the real Downton Abbey.

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The first Glastonbury Festival in 1970 cost £1 including free milk from the farm
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