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There’s lots to see when you come to Britain, but where do you start? Our sightseeing ideas are a taste of some of the best attractions and scenery to enjoy on days out in the UK. Explore natural wonders like the Lake District, landmarks like Blenheim Palace and inspirational landscapes.

Parks & beaches


National parks

There are 15 National Parks in Britain and they contain some of the nation's most beautiful and inspiring landscapes. They attract around 100 million visitors every year who flock to enjoy the leisure opportunities the parks provide.



With summer fast approaching it’s time to break out the bucket and spade and head for the coast. Britain has some of the most spectacular, charming and gorgeous beaches in the world.

Myths & legends


Loch Ness Monster

Lurking in the shadowy depths of Britain’s largest freshwater lake lies an elusive creature of...


Wookey Hole Witch

Wookey Hole in Somerset is where you’ll find Britain’s most spectacular underground caves and...


King Arthur

King Arthur is Britain’s most famous legendary character. Touring the famous Arthur sites in...


Robin Hood

A brilliant archer, Robin Hood lived a life of adventure, stealing from the rich to give to poor...

Blenheim Palace

The birthplace of Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace near Oxford is a perfectly preserved 18th-century residence set in a 2,100-acre park landscaped by 'Capability' Brown.

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury has been a key location for the Church of England for nearly five centuries and you'll find many important religious buildings and monuments in the area.