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From West End theatre to cutting-edge art

The world’s biggest festival of the arts in Edinburgh, the romance of Jane Austen’s Bath or a lazy day spent sizing up sculpture at Tate Modern or the Scottish National Gallery… In Britain you’ll find a cultural cocktail that’s hard to beat.

Rupert Everett

Join the actor Rupert Everett for a romp through London’s Theatreland, the historic, glamorous and fabulous centre of UK theatre.

Free museums

History, design, science, nature, football, giant stuffed walruses – whatever your passion, you’ll find a museum to match it in Britain.

Britain on film

Setjetters rejoice - Britain is one glorious, gorgeous movie set. Don't just take our word for it: filmmakers, cast and crew have filmed some true classics here. Here's a list of top Brit flicks, complete with great British locations.

Free galleries

World-famous masterpieces by the legends of the art world and controversial installations and creations by modern-day geniuses. See them all at Britain’s art galleries without spending a penny.

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