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British food

Discover the taste of Britain

Explore the vibrant restaurants in our towns and cities then discover the true taste of Britain in the local specialties that dot the country. You’ll find it in over 700 types of cheese, in a pint sipped in a country pub, in fresh crab sandwiches enjoyed on a Cornish quayside and much...

Jamie Oliver

See why top chef Jamie Oliver is passionate about Britain’s fabulous food and get a few tips for seeking out the UK’s best produce.

Afternoon Tea

Here in Britain we take our tea seriously. Each day we sink 165 million cups of it. It's our national drink - classless, timeless and tasty. But where to go?

Top 10 historic pubs

From ancient ale houses to literary drinking dens, Britain has hundreds of historic pubs to explore. We've picked just 10 of the most interesting and architecturally important.

Scotch whisky

Scotland is the spiritual home of whisky or uisge beatha (pronounced oosh-ga beh-huh) - the water of life in Gaelic. This warming, amber-gold spirit has been made in Scotland for longer than anyone can remember. You'll find distilleries up and down the country so take a tour and sample a wee dram (or two) along the way.

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