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Jamie Oliver

Britain’s most passionate chef talks UK food

Jamie Oliver

JP Masclet

See why Jamie Oliver can’t get enough of Britain’s food and learn a few tips for seeking out the best UK produce.

Not content with single-handedly saving British school dinners and giving disadvantaged kids a leg up, Jamie Oliver has also opened some of the best restaurants around. He’s part of a reborn UK eating scene that’s seen Britain fall in love with fine produce, locally sourced ingredients and innovative cooking.

With London leading the way as the world's most exciting dining city, you’ll find restaurants serving food from every corner of the world, cosy pubs with traditional menus, sophisticated eateries offering internationally celebrated cuisine and more. So whether you want crab sandwiches on a sun-drenched Devon quayside, the sweetest Scottish raspberries, tempting Gower Salt Marsh Lamb or culinary magic at Heston Blumenthal’s world-famous Fat Duck restaurant , you’ll find British food a feast of inspiration.

Jamie Oliver photo credit: JP Masclet