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Jamie Oliver's restaurants

Britain’s most passionate chef

Not content with single-handedly saving British school dinners and giving deprived kids a leg up, Jamie Oliver has opened some of the best restaurants around. Read on for more on the man and his food.

Jamie Oliver was born into the cooking business, working in the kitchens of his family pub from the age of 7. After catering college, Jamie worked in London with Antonio Carluccio at The Neal Street Restaurant and Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers at The River Café .

He shot to fame in his first TV series The Naked Chef, followed by The Return of the Naked Chef and Happy Days with the Naked Chef. In his series Jamie’s School Dinners, Jamie tried to improve school meals in Britain. The show saw him take on the British Government – as a result, the government increased funding for school meals. His show Jamie at Home explores growing and cooking your own produce.


In 2002, Jamie embarked on an ambitious project. He took 15 under-privileged youngsters who had never been anywhere near a restaurant kitchen and turned them into professional chefs to work under him at his new restaurant Fifteen in London. The restaurant and its accompanying TV series have both been huge successes.

Every year new trainees are chosen, and there are now 3 more Fifteen restaurants, in Amsterdam, Melbourne and Cornwall. Jamie doesn’t make a profit from the restaurants – the proceeds from the restaurants go to charities that train the students.

Jamie’s Italian

Inspired by his passion for the Italian way of life, Oliver has opened a group of neighbourhood restaurants serving rustic, affordable Italian-style food. The emphasis is on simple, fresh ingredients prepared and cooked with love and passion. For more information and to find your nearest Jamie’s Italian check out the website – .