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The Pineapple, Dunmore Source:Taffy van Doorn

The Pineapple, Dunmore

Taffy van Doorn

We've all been there - looked up at a beautiful building with a lustful sigh and wondered aloud what it would have been like to live inside. But did you know you can play Lord or Lady of the Manor at some of best historic and architecturally interesting buildings in Britain?

These are no ordinary holiday homes. Charities like the National Trust , Landmark Trust and Vivat Trust have taken some of Britain’s most beautiful and interesting buildings and saved them from neglect by letting them as unique holiday accommodation.

Love history? Turn your holiday into a medieval experience with a stay at Shute Barton in Devon. Dating partly from 1380, this incredible house transports you back in time with its battlements, turrets and gothic windows. Plus, if your day of fossil collecting along the Jurassic Coast leaves you too tired to cook, you can hire a private chef to cook you a medieval feast.

Or maybe you’d like to live inside Henry VIII’s home? You can take your pick from two properties at Hampton Court Palace – Fish Court , which was originally for the Officers of the Pastry, or The Georgian House , which was built as a kitchen for George, Prince of Wales in 1719. A stay at the Palace means you can visit the public rooms as much as you like during opening hours, but you can also explore the magnificent gardens and courtyards early and late.

There are plenty of weird and wonderful architectural gems to pick from, too. The Pineapple in Central Scotland makes for some unique holiday photos, while The Ruin is a little slice of ancient Rome in North Yorkshire.

So when you’re planning your trip to Britain, forget about the dull hotels and pick a home that will make your holiday unforgettable.