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Pirate walks of Bristol

History comes alive with Pirate Pete

Bristol is a great city with a fascinating history - so when you're in Britain with your family, take them on a Pirate walk.

This unique tour is run by Pirate Pete, who takes you on a pleasant walk around the quays to the harbour side haunts of the pirates and swashbucklers of the 17th and 18th centuries. There's a rich history surrounding Bristol and its pirates, who have a strong connection with America.

On your tour you'll discover the many pirate secrets of Bristol's streets, including the site of the 'gib' that was used to execute pirates - Pirate Pete will tell you what sort of pirates were executed here and why. You'll also see the Mud Docks, where hundreds of ships were built.

The tour is a great way for both children and adults to discover the real lives of pirates only ever mentioned in stories. Did you know that Blackbeard, America's most famous pirate, was actually born in Bristol in 1680? Blackbeard's gang was 400-strong, and sailed in a huge ship he named Queen Anne's Revenge - he'd captured it from a French captain in 1717. The pirate walk takes you to the house Blackbeard lived in when he was growing up in the city. Later on in the walk, you'll also see what's believed to be Blackbeard's skull.

As well as pirates, you'll learn about important Bristolians of the 17th and 18th centuries, like Richard Amerike, who funded John Cabot's voyage of discovery in 1497. It's thought that America is named after him.

Another fascinating stop on the pirate walk is the 'Spy Glass Inn' featured in the book 'Treasure Island' by Robert Louis Stevenson. The inn is actually a pub called 'The Hole in the Wall', and you can see the room in the attic that served as the look-out in the book.

So when you come to Britain, head to Bristol, slap on your eye patch and let Pirate Pete take you on a fascinating tour of all things pirate! For more information on the tour, or to book, visit Pirate Walks .