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Wildlife spotting

See seals, dolphins and whales in their natural habitats

Britain is full of interesting and beautiful wildlife, so make sure you don't miss out on a great family day out watching our fascinating creatures. From swimming with seals to whale and dolphin watching, your family will love Britain's wildlife trips.

Seal spotting

Where: Kent
You can find seals swimming off many of Britain's shores, but for your chance to swim with them, take your family on a Wildlife Sailing boat trip from Herne Bay, Kent. This unforgettable day out will take you on a 5-hour cruise from Herne Bay in The Wildlife, a traditional sailing boat. You'll moor at a sandbank for an hour, where on a good day, you can swim with the seals in clean, shallow water. Children will love the playful, gentle seals, and it's sure to be a family adventure that none of you will forget.
Price: From £19 per person depending on group size.
Web: Wildlife Sailing

Dolphin & Whale watching

Where: Wales
For an exciting family day out, head to St Davids, Britain's smallest city located in the far west of Wales, and take your family on a Voyages of Discovery whale-watching trip. You'll be taken on a Rigid Hull Inflatable to the Irish Sea and the offshore island of Grassholm, then along the edges of the Celtic Deep. It's here that you'll see whales and dolphins, including Common, White Sided, Bottlenose and Rissos Dolphin, Orca (Killer Whale), Minke Whale, Fin Whale and Pilot Whales.
Price: Adults £50, Children £25.
Web: St Davids & Ramsey Island

Badger watching

Where: Dorset
For a night-time family adventure, head to Dorset, where from a hide, you can watch badgers emerge from their setts deep in the ground to forest for food. The area is floodlit so you'll have perfect sight of the badgers, and there's a 100% sighting record. You'll probably also spot owls, foxes, rabbits and bats. You and your family can stay in the hide overnight, so don't forget to take a torch for the walk back.
Price: Adults £12, Children £10.
Web: Badger Watch Dorset

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