Team USA: Britain Bound - England


A country of impressive diversity
and variety

Take rock and roll cities, sleepy villages, a dramatic
coastline, towering mountains, miles of lakes and well...
you've barely even got started. England is jam packed
with incredible sights. Team USA's biggest challenge
will be deciding where to go!


Some of Team USA's blockbuster stars will be making their way to England this September for an Olympic sized adventure ahead of the London 2012 Games! They'll be touring the hippest cities, the most dazzling coastline and a lot more in between. Who's going;

Where they're going!


With arts, culture and shopping, our athletes will barely even have time for the soccer...


Team USA will be discovering their inner Thespian this summer in Shakespeares 'hood.


Our athletes will explore the scenic region that's locally dubbed 'Gods Own Country'...


An incredible fusion of culture and history, this Olympic capital won't disappoint

Stoke Mandeville

Team USA will be uncovering the huge sporting past nestled in this quaint village


Our Team USA boffins will be visiting the famous university before taking to the river...

The Cotswolds

Want to visit a picture-perfect English town? This dazzling region has bags of them...

Discover more!

There are lots more vibrant cities and extraordinary locales waiting to be discovered...

England Olympic Venues

The sporting action won't be limited to London in 2012. A total of eight venues are dotted around England, outside of the capital, making it easy to experience a very different side to the 2012 Games. From sailing the high seas at the Jurassic Coast in Weymouth, to catching the sporting action with some four-legged friends at Hadleigh Farm, there are some very exciting possibilities and we'll be sending our athletes to explore just a few!

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50 million
130,000 sq km
Main Airport
London Heathrow
Capital City
Main towns/cities
London, Liverpool, Manchester