Team USA: Britain Bound - Heather Mitts

Heather Mitts

Soccer hotshot Heather
explored the South West of England

Heather experienced some of England's most historic
and charming locales, such as Bath, Stonehenge
and Weymouth. Watch her juggle a soccer
ball (or keepie uppies as we would say)
at Stonehenge


Cincinnati, Ohio
Traveling, food and wine, golf
September, 2011
Stonehenge, Bath

Episode 14 of Team USA: Britain Bound
Heather takes a dip in the English city of Bath and then juggles a soccer ball just feet from one of the most famous sites in the world – Stonehenge
Episode 8 of Team USA: Britain Bound
Heather takes a ride on a steam train, joins in a Morris dance and sails the seas of the 2012 Olympic sailing venue
Episode 5 of Team USA: Britain Bound
Heather tours castles, palaces and tries some of the royals favorite sports in Surrey, England

Day One

Heather visits Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle today

Day Two

Heather visits Weymouth and Portland and tries her hand at sailing

Day Three

Heather gets to juggle a soccer ball at Stonehenge

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Heather Mitts