Henry Cejudo Day One

Day One

Henry visits Liverpool!

Today I met the students at Liverpool Community College, went to the Museum of Liverpool, got to steer the ferry, went to the Cavern Club where the Beatles started, rode the Echo Wheel.

You were at Liverpool Community College today, why do you tell your story? There are a lot of people out there that need help – they don’t have the direction, so I tell my story to inspire.

After I told my story, I had the opportunity to help present the school with a plaque because of their efforts and commitment to learning about the Olympics through Get Set.

I learned about boxing history from the curator of the sports (memborabilia) exhibit at the Museum of Liverpool

I learnt there are over 30 – 40 boxing clubs around Liverpool

Dinner was great – I had Thai coconut green curry. I thought it was only going to be traditional food, but they also have a lot of modern cuisine from all over including Japanese and Thai.

I had no idea the Beatles came from Liverpool

Three words to describe Liverpool: Legacy, the people and enthusiasm

My highlight of Liverpool, was getting to go on the bridge of the ferry and steer the ferry with the First Mate - it was cool

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Liverpool's name conjures up images of a glorious maritime history, world-beating musical heritage, two of the Premiership's biggest football teams and not one, but two majestically different Cathedrals. Liverpool won the status in 2004 of UNESCO World Heritage Site, because of its impressive waterfront which, according to UNESCO, represents a 'supreme example of a commercial port at the time of Britain's greatest global significance'. Liverpool was also the home of the British Olympic Founder, John Hully in 1865.

Henry began his day with a visit to the Liverpool Community College where 30 students shared with Henry everything they have been doing to celebrate London 2012 and the Olympic and Paralympic values, as part of LOCOG’s the Get Set program, which is an official London 2012 education program all about involving young people in the excitement and inspiration of the Games.  Over 18,500 schools from around the UK are participating in Get Set.  September marked the launch of Get Set Goes Global, where LOCOG is encouraging schools to support nations from around the world, which makes Henry’s visit very timely!

His morning continued with a visit to the Museum of Liverpool . This museum reflects the city's global significance through its unique geography, history and culture. Henry explored  how the port, its people, their creative and sporting history have shaped the city.

A quick bite to eat on the waterfront, then it was time for a Mersey River cruise, a relaxing fun way to take in the Liverpool skyline and the Liverpool waterfront which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mersey Ferries are Merseyside’s most visited tourist attraction. Ferries have featured on the River Mersey for over 800 years.

After the leisurely informative cruise it was time to get another perspective of the city; a  bird’s eye view from the Echo Wheel .  Sitting in an air-conditioned capsule, Henry saw spectacular panoramic views of the city including the River Mersey, the waterfront and the Welsh mountains.

Liverpool’s infamous musical heritage is best showcased with a visit to the Cavern Club.  The most famous club in the world .  The front stage of the club is set under the famous arches that have provided the iconic images of the Beatles in the early 1960’s.  The club has a wide variety of entertainment every night of the week and Henry got to hear a tribute to Lennon and McCartney by brothers Jimmy and Tony Coburn.

Henry enjoyed Thai coconut green curry at Matou Restaurant, a modern pan-Asian restaurant and lounge that is located at Liverpool’s Pier Head located on the Waterfront offering beautiful views of the River Mersey.  Then it was off to Leeds to check-in to the Hilton Leeds City hotel for some much needed rest, as Henry had an early start ahead of him the next day.

Henry Cejudo