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Brighton is officially the gayest city in the UK – with the per-capita stats to prove it. Known for its laid-back, bohemian atmosphere and its buzzing atmosphere by night, Brighton is far from a quaint seasonal seaside town.


Festivals in Edinburgh are a year-round affair. With 12 Festivals and several gay pride events going throughout the year, there's an endless array of events to enjoy.


The various districts in Brighton offer distinct shopping experiences. Whether you want to go for Boho chic, antiques or high street retailers.

Arts and Culture

A cultural melting pot, Brighton boasts a rich history and exciting future - ranging from the beautiful architecture of the Royal Pavilion to the city's many galleries.

Food and Drink

Brighton has more restaurants than anywhere in the UK outside of London - fact! Offering global cuisine to the highest standards, menus are imaginative and diverse.

Places to stay

Boutique hotels

They're friendly, unpretentious, a little eccentric and highly individual. Some would say Britain's boutique hotels reflect the British character, they aim to surprise and amuse - just like the British themselves, really.

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With its laid back, bohemian atmosphere and reputation for cheeky, free thinking, lesbian and gay Brighton has long been considered the UK's gay capital.