Explore LGBT Cardiff

Cardiff has undergone a well-documented facelift over recent years, something its gay and lesbian community has benefited from hugely. The capital of Wales can now class itself as is a truly modern and cosmopolitan city, embracing diversity and growing at an impressive rate.


Cardiff is a tale of two cities. It thrives on its reputation for celebrating the classic and contemporary whilst embracing the modern and progressive.


Whatever you fancy splashing your cash on, Cardiff pretty much has it all covered.

Arts and Culture

Cardiff is famous for its ornate opera houses, its mammoth Millennium Stadium and its rich heritage sites.

Food and Drink

Cardiff has been given a much publicized new lease of life recently and it's not just the big businesses that have profited.

Places to stay

Boutique hotels

They're friendly, unpretentious, a little eccentric and highly individual. Some would say Britain's boutique hotels reflect the British character, they aim to surprise and amuse - just like the British themselves, really.

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