Explore LGBT Glasgow

Situated on the River Clyde on the country’s west coast, it’s known as Scotland’s style capital – a title reflected in its art deco brasseries, stylish shops, cultural centers, more than 30 art galleries and museums and an annual program of performing arts and festivals.


Sparkling celebrities, haute couture, musicals, stand up comedy, contemporary visual arts and fancy dress parties, festivals in Glasgow are not to be missed!


Glasgow hosts a plethora of classy goodies and souvenirs that will surely fill that empty space you left in your luggage.

Arts and Culture

If you are looking to soak up a bit of Glaswegian culture and clubbing and pubbing isn't your thing, don't worry - in Glasgow live entertainment is alive and well at Scotland’s urban centers.

Food and Drink

For a city of its size, Glasgow more than pulls its weight. London-based Harden’s guide to restaurants states that Glasgow has the most complete restaurant scene outside of London.

Places to stay

Boutique hotels

They're friendly, unpretentious, a little eccentric and highly individual. Some would say Britain's boutique hotels reflect the British character, they aim to surprise and amuse - just like the British themselves, really.

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It has been European City of Culture, UK City of Architecture and Design, the city tagged 'Scotland with Style,' and most recently, was voted as one of the UK's top shopping destination - second only to London.