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London's lesbians and gay men love to have a good time, which is why they celebrate not one but two Pride events in town. Expect a great atmosphere and a very friendly crowd. London has such a good reputation as one of the world's gay capitals that it was chosen to host WorldPride 2012....

Pride London
Evolving over the years, London's main Pride event continues to focus on the march, which seems to take higher and higher profile routes with every year. After the serious business of the parade, thousands of people join the activities in Trafalgar, Leicester and Soho Squares annually in July.

London Fashion Week
London is where fashion ideas start, where creative talents bloom and where flourishing businesses are born. The capital celebrates fashion both on and off the catwalk in the city’s renowned restaurants, bars and clubs and of course on the street. If you visit during London Fashion Week London Fashion Week you’ll sense that the whole city is buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

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