Secret Britain: pay your respects to some late greats at Highgate Cemetery

Friday 21 February 2014

Looking for something to do this weekend? Why not visit the tombs of some of the world's greatest names in an atmospheric Victorian cemetery? Marx large 600 Highgate Cemetery is home to some of the finest funerary architecture still in existence. It's the final resting place of Karl Marx, Charles Dickens' wife Catherine, and Victorian poet Christina Rossetti among others, and provides a beautiful insight into the lives of these figures. Circle of Lebanon steps 600 Stone angels clasped in ivy, Egyptian-style colonnades and carven stone passages emerge from a thick sea of green foliage and forest on the wooded Highgate Hill. Guided tours lead visitors through the different memorials and monuments and discuss their fascinating history, creation, and the lives of the people they commemorate. Avenue large 600 Be sure to book your place on a tour in advance, as they're very popular. You can do this on the Highgate Cemetery website.

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