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Stay in a castle

Live like a King (or Queen!)

Step back in time to the days of knights and fair maidens, when castles were vital to the defence of a kingdom. Visiting historic castles is undoubtedly a highlight of any trip to Britain, but if you really want to live Britain's heritage, why not stay overnight?

Royal connections

Staying in a castle is an experience you'll never forget. Imagine yourself as a king or queen, a lord or lady. You can stay in an apartment in Hampton Court , Henry VIII's palace on the banks of the Thames, or spend a night in the Garden House of Powis Castle , a spectacular medieval castle that was home to Welsh princes. Imagine pledging your allegiance to royalty north of the border by staying in Traquair Castle , Scotland's oldest inhabited house, originally owned by the kings of Scotland.

Steeped in history

Wherever your visit to Britain takes you, you're never far from a castle reflecting thousands of years of human occupation. If only their walls could talk, what tales they would tell! Amberley Castle , for example, has stood in the West Sussex countryside for over 900 years, originally beginning life as a hunting lodge for the Bishops of Chichester. A later owner was Queen Elizabeth I, who held the lease from 1588 to 1603.

20th century newcomers!

Jumping forward in time to a 20th-century building; Bovey Castle , set within 368 square miles of the Dartmoor National Park in South West England, is an Edwardian mansion built in 1906 that has been transformed into a prestigious holiday retreat.  The castle promises to have the ambience of a permanent house-party of the 1920s and 30s - a touch of Agatha Christie, the Orient Express and Hercule Poirot all rolled into one.

Wales - Land of Castles

Wales is renowned as the 'Land of Castles'. Conquering Normans were the first castle builders, constructing strongholds in strategic locations along the coast and deep in the mountains. You really can be king or queen of your own castle when you stay at Penhow Castle in South Wales, the oldest lived-in castle in Wales dating from the 17th century, where you can be assured of a good night's sleep in Penhow's one guestroom featuring an Edwin Lutyens bed.

Celebrity favourites

The reason Madonna chose Skibo Castle , in the highlands of Scotland for her wedding is no mystery. Exclusive and luxurious, with its own golf course, beauty spa and Victorian conservatory pool, what more could you ask for.

Be treated like royalty

Exclusive Castle Rentals offer the chance to take up residence in a castle or stately home which becomes yours exclusively for your stay.  Be pampered by your very own butler or be catered for by your own chef - be treated like a king or queen for the day.

  • 城市休闲
    • Giants Causeway Source:© Andras-J (Flickr)


    • View of the City from banks of the River Clyde, Glasgow, Scotland Source:© Britainonview / - Britain on View

      格拉斯哥殊有苏格兰时尚之都的美誉,拥有艺术装饰风格的啤酒屋、时尚的商店和文化中心、30 多家艺术馆与博物馆,每年还有众多的表演艺术活动与节日。

    • Wales Millennium Centre Source:© Britainonview / David Angel


    • Tate Liverpool Source:© e-peps (Flickr)


    • Views to Tower Bridge from the south side of the River Thames at night, London, England Source:© Britainonview / James McCormick
      London City Guide


  • 户外活动
    • Ring of Brodgar, Orkney Source:© Shadowgate (Flickr)


    • Sunset in Cornwall Source:© midlander1231 (Flickr)


    • Royal Pavilion at night, Brighton Source:© Britainonview / - Britain on View

      布赖顿有英格兰最受欢迎的海滨城市之称,历史悠久、环境典雅、不落俗套, 是休闲度假的理想去处。

    • Mountain Y Garn in Snowdonia Source:© Richard0 (Flickr)


    • The Cotswolds Source:© Christopher Chan (Flickr)


  • 历史遗迹
    • Thermae Bath Spa is Britain's original and only thermal bath spa set in the busy city of Bath, England © Britainonview / Jon Spaull Source:VBimages - 21974131


    • Shakespeares birthplace © floato (Flickr)

      East Gate Clock Tower, Chester Source:© Britainonview / Ingrid Rasmussen


      古老、活力、传统、令人激动,切斯特是英国最佳度假胜地之一。 切斯特拥有古老的建筑、世界一流的足、咖啡文化以及丰富的娱乐设施。

    • Eton College, Windsor Source:© Reverend Dan

      温莎,拥有悠久历史、高档购物用餐佳所、运动、休闲活动和众多盛事的旅游胜地。 拥有 13 个景点,包括温莎城堡、伊顿公学和乐高城(Legoland)。

    • York Minster Source:© Nick Garrod