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Be a responsible traveller

Help reduce the impact on the environment during your trip

We all have the desire to travel and see the world; to explore new places and discover new cultures. And in today's world, international travel is cheaper and more accessible than ever before.

Tourism is now the world’s fastest growing industry, but of course with that comes the increased responsibility on us to try to reduce any negative impact our journeys may have on the environment. About 700 million people worldwide travel every year, with over 30 million tourists visiting Britain from abroad. That's a lot of flights, car journeys, overnight stays and money spent. But that doesn’t mean you have to forfeit your summer holiday and sit at home looking at pictures. There’s lots you can do to travel responsibly and counterbalance the environmental effects of travelling.

Respect the local environment & culture

It might sound like obvious stuff, but sometimes when we’re travelling we forget simple things like picking up our rubbish after a picnic and recycling it. Remember wherever you go, you should respect the natural balance of the environment and take care to support and respect the local culture.

Why not participate in a local activity like a carnival or a fête? This way you really get the chance to understand local cultures and traditions – not to mention have a great day out! Remember, there are so many ways you can get to know and add value to the local environment and culture. Try anything from visiting local farmer's markets, ensuring you use bio-degradable products during your trip, you could even talk to local accommodation owners about what they are doing to help – who knows? You could even give them some tips of your own!

Save energy

Hotels and B&Bs consume large amounts of energy to heat and air condition rooms, wash laundry, power TVs, radios and mini bars, and light rooms and hallways. When at your accommodation, make the same considerations you would at home; turn off lights and stand-by on appliances, take short showers instead of baths. And do you really need your towels and sheets washed every day?

Change our travel habits

Above all we have to change our travel habits if we want to reduce the negative impact on the environment. When we’re on holiday, we tend to be more laid-back about things like reusing plastic bags and water bottles or turning off lights. If we can adjust our attitudes and general habits regarding responsible travel so that we incorporate things like using local products and ‘car-free’ days naturally into holiday arrangements, we can make a real difference.




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