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British Music Experience

Interactive shrine to British pop

British Music Experience (BME) at London’s 02 is the new interactive attraction celebrating Britain's world-famous music industry. A combination of cutting edge audio-visual technology and coveted music memorabilia takes you on an unforgettable trip through pop.

You can trace musical trends through the decades, learn about music’s influence on art, fashion and politics and download music from the BME archive. You can also live your rock ‘n’ roll dreams and play guitar, piano or drums in the fully equipped Gibson Studio.

Your interactive visit is made possible by a clever bit of kit called a Smarticket. With Smarticket, you can pick and choose which bits of the BME you’re most interested in and activate exhibits as you walk by. When you get home, you can relive the highlights through your MyBME account. 

And with the Dance the Decades booth you can learn one of 12 dances from the past 70 years including The Twist, disco dancing, The Loca-Motion, Voguing and even rave dancing. Using your Smarticket you can replay your silky moves in your very own video.

There are also infamous, irreplaceable pieces of British music memorabilia including David Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes clown suit and Ziggy Stardust costume, Noel Gallagher’s Union Jack guitar, Roger Daltrey’s Woodstock outfit and a vintage Amy Winehouse dress.

Hundreds of artists feature in the exhibition from The Beatles to Iron Maiden, from Cilla Black to Elastica, from David Bowie to Motörhead. It also takes an in-depth look at different musical genres from skiffle to reggae, from rock ‘n’ roll to blues, from punk to grime.

BME also hosts a regularly changing programme of workshops, lectures, master-classes and concerts.

Buy your British Music Experience Smarticket online now.

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British Music Experience

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