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British fashion designers

From Westwood to McCartney

British fashion has an international reputation for being eccentric, thought provoking and boldly innovative, and British designers and fashion houses are renowned worldwide for their cutting edge styles.

If you want to know who's who in the world of British fashion, then take a look at this section.

Alexander McQueen

The late, great Lee 'Alexander' McQueen was a maverick designer known for his unconventional work much loved by celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Classic McQueen designs include "bumsters" that spawned a worldwide trend for low slung jeans. Trained in London's Savile Row, his clothes are beautifully made and styled. His Alexander McQueen store is going strong.


Aquascutum is a fine example of British style and was worn by Sir Winston Churchill himself. In recent times this brand has been given a revamp, with the womenswear collection being modernised and the accessories range expanded. The new Aquascutum collection has a much younger, high fashion feel, which has wide appeal.


One of the most high profile British brands, Burberry has been imitated worldwide, but there are very few designs as famous as the Burberry check. Now a high fashion leader with the Prorsum label, Burberry will always be most famous for its classic trench coat.

嘉斯伯. 康兰(Jasper Conran)

A bit of an institution these days, Jasper Conran offers beautifully classic garments as well as homeware, jewellery, perfume and a more affordable range of designs for Debenhams. 其时尚休闲装最具特色。

卡伦•米勒(Karen Millen)

This British designer made her name in the 1980s with her sexy trouser suits. Whilst trouser suits feature in her collection Karen Millen range now encompasses a variety of catwalk-influenced clothes. Here you will find a mixture of vintage silk dresses and cashmere-beaded cardigans, plus much more.

保罗•史密斯(Paul Smith)

The king of British men’s fashion, Sir Paul Smith label celebrates classic British tailoring injected with a twist. The trademark bright patterned shirts and loud cufflinks, wallets and accessories are instantly recognisable. 到保罗﹒史密斯男装专卖店里来享受购物的乐趣吧,无论是自用还是送礼,时尚的您怎能错过这成功人士的首选?

苏格兰普灵格(Pringle of Scotland)

Thanks to a new creative director and slick celebrity-filled advertising campaigns Pringle are no longer famous for just producing golf jumpers, however devotees of Pringle’s signature diamond pattern shouldn’t panic, it hasn’t disappeared it’s just been updated.

Rigby & Peller

“瑞贝柏勒” (Rigby & Peller) 女性内衣作为英国女皇陛下的御用内衣供应商,自1939年起便开始其传奇事业。 来瑞贝柏勒购买内衣,您不必担心空手而归,只需考虑是否会预算超支。 You, like former client Princess Diana, can have exactly the right bra as the company prides itself on its expert fitting service. Rigby & Peller offer a bespoke service and also carry an impressive collection of ready to wear lingerie and swimwear.

史黛拉. 麦卡尼(Stella McCartney)

Britain’s hottest celebrity and owner of one of the UK’s most envied labels, Stella McCartney has grown from strength to strength since leaving French fashion house Chloe. 她为瑞典时装零售业巨头H&M((Hennes & Mauritz))所专门设计的平价服装,在英国各地的H&M专卖店内一经推出,数小时内便被追逐时尚的消费者排队抢购一空。 However for classic Stella chic and a more relaxed browsing experience, visit the Bruton Street flagship store.

泰德﹒贝克(Ted Baker)

There are lots of unusual prints and styles to be found at Ted Baker and there is certainly a high fashion feel through the stores. Women can enjoy a range of party dresses, fitted tops and jeans, whilst men have a range of suits, well-cut shirts and casual tops to choose from. Affordable, tailored fashion.

维维安•威斯特伍德(Vivienne Westwood)

The pioneer of the punk look, the amazing Vivienne Westwood is now part of the international fashion elite and has become something of a national treasure. Her designs are immediately recognisable for their immaculate cut, eccentric design and voluminous use of fabric, which is frequently her trademark tartan.

  • 城市休闲
    • Giants Causeway Source:© Andras-J (Flickr)


    • View of the City from banks of the River Clyde, Glasgow, Scotland Source:© Britainonview / - Britain on View

      格拉斯哥殊有苏格兰时尚之都的美誉,拥有艺术装饰风格的啤酒屋、时尚的商店和文化中心、30 多家艺术馆与博物馆,每年还有众多的表演艺术活动与节日。

    • Wales Millennium Centre Source:© Britainonview / David Angel


    • Tate Liverpool Source:© e-peps (Flickr)


    • Views to Tower Bridge from the south side of the River Thames at night, London, England Source:© Britainonview / James McCormick
      London City Guide


  • 户外活动
    • Ring of Brodgar, Orkney Source:© Shadowgate (Flickr)


    • Sunset in Cornwall Source:© midlander1231 (Flickr)


    • Royal Pavilion at night, Brighton Source:© Britainonview / - Britain on View

      布赖顿有英格兰最受欢迎的海滨城市之称,历史悠久、环境典雅、不落俗套, 是休闲度假的理想去处。

    • Mountain Y Garn in Snowdonia Source:© Richard0 (Flickr)


    • The Cotswolds Source:© Christopher Chan (Flickr)


  • 历史遗迹
    • Thermae Bath Spa is Britain's original and only thermal bath spa set in the busy city of Bath, England © Britainonview / Jon Spaull Source:VBimages - 21974131


    • Shakespeares birthplace © floato (Flickr)

      East Gate Clock Tower, Chester Source:© Britainonview / Ingrid Rasmussen


      古老、活力、传统、令人激动,切斯特是英国最佳度假胜地之一。 切斯特拥有古老的建筑、世界一流的足、咖啡文化以及丰富的娱乐设施。

    • Eton College, Windsor Source:© Reverend Dan

      温莎,拥有悠久历史、高档购物用餐佳所、运动、休闲活动和众多盛事的旅游胜地。 拥有 13 个景点,包括温莎城堡、伊顿公学和乐高城(Legoland)。

    • York Minster Source:© Nick Garrod