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Cost of daily items & tipping

Price guide & tipping

When you visit a new country, it's always hard to know how much you should expect to pay for things, or the correct etiquette for tipping. Here we've given you some general prices for common items and advice on when and how much to tip to make it a little easier for you.



  • 宾馆早餐 £5-£15
  • Dinner (3-course, no wine) £15-£45
  • 午餐/三明治 £2-£4
  • 午餐咖啡 £4-£7
  • 不限目的地的明信片邮票 50p
  • 汉堡 £2.50
  • 卡布其诺 £1-£3
  • Kodak Film, 36 exposures £4-£5
  • 一听可乐 40p-£1
  • 一品脱啤酒(酒吧)£2-£4
  • 一杯红酒(酒吧)£2-£5
  • 单程汽车票 £2
  • Single Oyster bus ticket £1
  • Single cash underground ticket £4
  • 1-2区单程地铁票 £3

Tipping & service charges

在英国,并非所有的地方都要付小费。 If you feel the service was good and you want to show your appreciation, here is a guide to customary practice:

Most hotel bills include a service charge, usually 10-12%. Where a service charge is not included in a hotel restaurant, it is customary to give 10-15% of the restaurant bill. For rooms, you can leave an optional amount to room staff.

Many restaurant bills include a service charge; make sure you check the bill to avoid tipping twice. Where a service charge is not included, it is customary to leave a tip of 10-15% of the bill. 现在,有一些餐厅的帐单会列有“小费参考”这一项。

10-15% of the fare