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Let's talk money

Before you visit anywhere new, it's a good idea to find out about the currency and exchange rate, and how you can get hold of cash or use your credit card while you are away. Here you'll find some useful information about currency and making money transactions in the UK to help make your...

Currency & exchanging money

Britain’s unit of currency is the Great British Pound (sterling) – GBP. 英国货币的标准单位是英镑,符号为 £


英国货币系统采用十进制。一英镑等于一百便士。 Coins have the values of 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2. Notes have the values of £5, £10, £20 and £50. 苏格兰1英镑的纸币仍在苏格兰地区流通。 海峡群岛和曼恩岛地区使用的硬币和纸币与英国本土有些不同,但货币系统是相同的。


If you are an EU citizen and travelling from within the EU you can bring in and take out bank notes, travellers' cheques, letters of credit etc. in any currency and up to any amount.

Please note that from 15 June 2007, if you are travelling to or from a country outside the European Union (EU), you will need to declare any sums of cash of 10,000 Euro or more (or the equivalent in another currency) to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Currency limits

Changing money & exchange rates

Foreign currency can easily be exchanged at banks, post offices, some hotels and Bureau de Change kiosks, which are found at international airports and most city centres.  To see today’s exchange rate visit the Financial Times currencies website.


银行的营业时间通常为周一至周五的早上9点30分至晚上4点30分。 However, opening hours are can differ considerably from branch to branch. All banks are closed on public holidays and some banks in Scotland close for an hour at lunchtime. 许多银行分支部门有24小时的营业大厅,通过自助机器向客人提供多种不同的银行业务。 海外游客应提前向其国内银行确认是否可以在英国使用此类银行设施。


某些银行在周六也整日对公众开放,也有很少一部分的银行提供周日有限时段的服务。 If you need British currency when the banks are closed, you can obtain it at larger high-street travel agents, in exchange offices in large department stores, at counter desks in larger hotels or at one of the many independent Bureau de Change. 英国法律要求各货币兑换处清楚列出各货币的兑换率,并提供一切有关兑换服务的费用及费率信息。

自动取款机 (ATMs)

You’ll find Automated Teller Machines (ATM), or cash machines, as we often call them, at most banks, high streets and shopping centres. You can use international credit cards, debit cards and bank cards at ATMs providing they have a four-digit PIN encoded. As a general rule, any cash machine that displays the Visa badge can be used by Plus cardholders and those displaying the MasterCard badge can be used by Cirrus cardholders.


All credit cards that bear the Visa, MasterCard or American Express logo are widely accepted in Britain. If your card does not bear one of these logos, you should ask the retailer in advance if you can use it, or check if your card’s logo is displayed at the payment area. You should be aware that retailers can charge more for goods and services bought by credit card, but they must display a clear indication if any price increase applies.