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Tax-free shopping

Shop and save

Get more for your money! Shoppers residing outside the European Union can take advantage of the Tax Free Shopping scheme to reclaim Value Added Tax (VAT) on purchases for export.

Just follow the 5 simple steps:

1. Look out for a Tax Free Shopping Scheme sticker in the shop window.

2.  Make the minimum purchase; check the amount with the store as different purchase amounts apply.

3.  Ask for and complete the Tax Refund Cheque form.

4.  When leaving the country, show your passport together with your completed Tax Refund Cheque form to Customs, who will validate your purchases (you should have them handy to show).

5.  Collect your cash refund at the nearby Cash Refund office or send the validated form to the Tax Refund company given on the form for a cheque to be sent to your address or for direct crediting to your credit card.

For more information visit GB Tax Free, Premier Tax Free, Euro Refund or Global Refund.