Are you ready? Here comes the Night Tube!


The days of leaving early to catch the last tube, or missing it and snaking home through London on three night buses are a thing of the past! Today the tube will start to run 24 hours a day: on Fridays and Saturdays, underground trains will run every 10-20 minutes on the Central and Victoria lines. Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines will go 24 hour in the autumn.

It’s a great opportunity to get out and about, see more of London exciting night time attractions, and not have to worry about a complicated journey home. Here are some of the best things you might want to check out in London at night.

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Secret Cinema

Truly immersive cinema. These events are feats of creativity and immersion, and if you want an example, for the screening of Star Wars a rebel base and the Death Star were re-created in urban spaces, all attendees in Star Wars outfits, and staff dressed as members of the Rebel Alliance. They’re loads of fun, and with the night tube now you can enjoy an amusing ride home surrounded by fellow costumed enthusiasts.

Theatre & Performance

From West End musicals to ballet, the Royal Albert Hall to the Royal Opera House or the Regents Park Open Air Theatre, London is a world class destination for theatre no matter what you’re into. Now with the night tube, you don’t need to worry about leaving early to beat the crowds and make it to your last tube home! You can even pick up another ice-cream, stop by a late night bar, and saunter to the tube in tranquillity.

Regents Park Theatre by David Jensen

(Photo by by David Jensen)

Museum and gallery lates


Museums and galleries are fantastic, even more so in London because nearly all of the biggest ones are free, and even more so by night, when they have an irresistible atmosphere, a more sociable atmosphere, and in many cases alcohol for sale. Be sure to head to some of the big museums’ late night openings.

The British Museum opens until 8:30pm on Friday nights and hosts lectures, debates, performances and film screenings, while the Tate Modern stays open til 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays, letting you peruse art into the night, and then grab a late meal at their restaurant. Loads of the other museums in London also have late opening days, so be sure to check them out.