Good News as UK Named World’s Fourth Most Admired Country, Says VisitBritain

Tuesday 09 November 2010

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

VisitBritain has welcomed the news that the UK has retained its high ranking in the league table of the world’s most admired countries. It has maintained 4th place as an overall brand out of 50 nations behind the USA, Germany and France in the annual Nation Brand Index survey (NBI).

The result, based on interviews with 20,000 adults worldwide, is an important indicator of how countries are regarded by the public. The survey acts as a report card, measuring the world’s perception of each nation as if they were commercial brands.

It shows that the United States has retained first place as the best overall brand, having been propelled to the top spot last year largely by the star power of President Barack Obama and his administration, while Germany and France swapped places.

The UK also retained its 5th position as a desirable tourism destination. It is also ranked 4th in the world for being ‘rich in historic buildings and monuments’ and for having a ‘vibrant city life and urban attractions.’

When adults were asked which country they would like to visit ‘’if money were no object’’ the UK retained its 8th spot. On being ‘’rich in natural beauty’’ – a surprisingly weak area in the past – the UK has climbed one place to 23rd.

Britain’s reputation for offering a warm welcome remains good but not outstanding– we are again sharing the 13th spot. But our culture remains a powerful attraction for overseas visitors. We retain 7th place for having a ‘rich cultural heritage’, 4th for being an ‘interesting and exciting place for contemporary culture such as music, films, art and literature’ and 8th for ‘excelling at sports’.

Sandie Dawe, chief executive of VisitBritain, said: “This result is a testament to the enduring appeal of Britain. It is clear that we are retaining our appeal in an increasingly competitive world market. With more governments recognising tourism as a driver of growth and ramping up their international marketing it is striking that our ratings are remaining steady.

‘’The Brands Index shows clearly what our very considerable strengths are but also the things we have to work on. It is reassuring to see that we have climbed one place in terms of being rich in natural beauty. We need to do more to highlight the diverse range of stunning landscapes across Britain ‘’

She said the survey showed Britain is in ‘’the top-flight’’ as a nation brand among people right across the world, both in developed or developing countries. Our position was based on a solid performance across different dimensions, for example the world rates us 6th for people, 4th for exports, 3rd for immigration and investment and 6th for governance.

‘’We cannot rest on our laurels however. Our ‘welcome’ ranking at 13th suggests we still need to work hard on this aspect ahead of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. But at the same time there is a great opportunity for us to introduce the world to the many surprises and delights that exploring more of Britain’s natural beauty can offer,’’ she said.

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