Stunning Photography Exhibition ‘Britain from the Air’ Launches in UK

Thursday 30 September 2010

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A stunning aerial photography exhibition entitled ‘Britain from the Air’ has been launched in the UK to celebrate the country’s world famous man-made attractions, such as London’s Buckingham Palace, and its unique natural landscape including the island of St Kilda and Eilean Castle in Scotland.

The exhibition of 100 images capturing Britain’s beauty as seen from its skies is displayed on a huge outdoor walk-on map of the British Isles. The event is being run by the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) in the historic city of Bath, in the West of England and is free to all visitors 24 hours a day.

Launching the exhibition, President of the RGS, TV Presenter Michael Palin, who is famous for his intrepid global TV travel shows, said: “Our landscapes in Britain tell the stories of our heritage, bring alive the beauty of our environment, and challenge us all to understand the changes taking place in our towns and cities. All too often, chasing far-away places, we forget just what beauty we have on our doorstep and just how varied Britain is, even today.

"This exhibition is designed to celebrate this diversity and shows us, very powerfully, just what we're missing down here on the ground. The stories of these landscapes are revealed – so visitors can truly explore and discover something new," he added.

The exhibition has been created jointly by RGS, including The Institute of British Geographers, and street gallery pioneers Wecommunic8, with the support of the Ordnance Survey – Great Britain’s national mapping agency.

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