VisitBritain Casts Ali F. Mostafa as UAE Goodwill Ambassador

Monday 13 February 2012

VisitBritain has appointed internationally acclaimed Emirati film director Ali F. Mostafa as United Arab Emirates (UAE) Goodwill Ambassador to help raise awareness of Britain as a world-class and uniquely varied tourism destination.

Mostafa, who directed City of Life, the UAE’s first ever acclaimed feature film, joins a stellar cast of prominent personalities including Dame Judi Dench, Dev Patel and Jamie Oliver, who are sharing their personal views on Britain via the video-led ‘Great Britain You’re Invited’ campaign.

Mostafa, who has lived and studied in Britain and is a frequent visitor to the country, was chosen for the role for his artistic pedigree, personal history and charismatic personality.

“Having spent considerable time in the UK, I have a close affinity to the country’s traditions and character not least because my experiences in London were a major catalyst for me to become a film director,” said Mostafa.

If provided with the opportunity, everyone should embrace Britain as a place of genuine adventure and discovery that stretches well beyond its traditional, beloved hotspots and that can please every conceivable taste. As a part of his new role, Mostafa has directed and produced a short film sharing his personal views on Britain, including compelling perspectives on education and creative arts.

“It is a tribute to the UAE, and an honor for Britain to welcome Ali F. Mostafa as UAE Goodwill Ambassador,” said Carol Maddison, Manager UAE, VisitBritain.

“His artistic credibility, imagination and personal insight will shed light on a side of Britain that is not common to most UAE travellers, and will be invaluable as we seek to draw attention to the country’s sheer variety of tourism experiences.”

Mostafa’s appointment comes at a time when a range of major celebrations are on the agenda across Britain, including Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubliee, and the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

The ‘Great Britain You’re Invited’ campaign is set to ramp up its activity this year, recruiting prominent spokespeople – notably in India, China and the US – to participate in videos advocating a link between their work and corresponding celebrations, passions and stories in Britain. Topics will include sport, culture, creative arts, lifestyle, business and travel.

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Ali Mostafa Britain Brand Ambassador for the UAE
Ali Mostafa
علي مصطفى سفيراً للنوايا الحسنة بالإمارات
Ali Mustafa Britain Brand Ambassador