Top sport activities to do in Cambridge

  1. Punting

Punts are traditional boats that you propel and steer with a long pole. You’ll see lots of them on the river on sunny days, and it’s a great way to get some exercise in a very traditional English way!


  1. Canoeing

Spend a day on the River Cam in a canoe! One great route takes you out of Cambridge towards the historic city of Ely, where you can marvel at one of Britain’s most magnificent cathedrals!


  1. Cycling

One of the first things you’ll notice in Cambridge is that it’s a city of cyclists! Hire a bike and explore the city, it’s a great opportunity to get even further afield and take in the green spaces and surrounding countryside.


  1. World Pea Shooting Championships

This July, head to Witcham, a village just north of Cambridge, and experience the World Pea Shooting Championships! What started as a local event grew to become an international phenomena, with contenders arriving from as far afield as the US.


  1. The Bumps

The Bumps is a traditional boat race that started in the 1820s, mainly because side-by-side racing wasn’t possible on some stretches of the river. The aim is to chase the boat in front and ‘bump’ it, before you’re bumped by the boat behind. It’s great fun to watch!


  1. Golf

Cambridge and the surrounding area has a great selection of golf courses, offering golfing to all levels of player. Tutorials are available on all the courses, so you can go and have fun even if you’re an absolute beginner!

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