Wimbledon checklist: 9 things you need for your trip to The Championships

Wednesday 29 May 2019

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis championship in the world, and thousands of fans flock to the south-west London neighbourhood every year to see some of the sport’s top stars in action.

But what exactly do you need for the ultimate trip to The Championships? Get prepared with our list of 9 must-have items for any trip to Wimbledon.


Regardless of what you do at Wimbledon, you’ll need some cash. Not all places on site accept card payments, including the ticket booths to get inside, so don’t get caught out! Make sure you withdraw money from a cash machine before actually heading to Wimbledon to avoid huge queues at the on-site ATMs.

An Oyster card

Of course, you’ll need a way of getting to SW19 in the first place. The All England Lawn Tennis Club is served by Wimbledon, Wimbledon Park and Southfields Tube stations, and a number of bus routes pass through the area too. Plan your journey in advance, and make sure you buy your Oyster card in advance to save time on the day!

(Link - https://www.visitbritainshop.com/world/london-visitor-oyster-card/)

Umbrella, waterproofs and sunscreen

The weather can play a big part in any Wimbledon Championships. Make sure you’re prepared by packing an umbrella and a raincoat, as well as sunscreen so you’re prepared for whatever the day holds.

A picnic

Buying food at Wimbledon can be expensive, especially if you’re going for more than a day. Save some money by packing a picnic in advance, and be sure to include enough water for the whole day. And don’t forget the strawberries and cream; it wouldn’t be Wimbledon without this classic combo!

A Camera (but no selfie sticks)

Wimbledon is loaded with moments you’ll want to capture forever, so a camera or camera phone is an essential. Leave the selfie stick at home though; they have been banned at the tennis club ever since they first became popular.


Of course, before venturing to SW19, you need to have a plan for tickets. Wimbledon is one of few major sport events to reserve tickets for sale on the day, but beware: the queue for tickets at Wimbledon is as legendary as the event itself. If you’re planning on a last-minute trip to the tennis, be prepared to start queuing as early as possible. Speaking of which…

Camping equipment for the Queue

If you want a true Wimbledon experience, start queuing at 5pm the day before and get in the camping spirit! If you want to get into the iconic Centre Court, you’ll need to be queueing as soon as possible, meaning an overnight stay is required. When you first arrive at The Queue (yes, it gets capitalised), you’ll be given a ticket showing your position, allowing you to step aside and set up a little camping space without losing your spot. Don’t bring anything bigger than a two-man tent though; you don’t want to be turned away before the fun begins.

A map

Wimbledon has 18 Championship grass courts, so if you are planning on moving between them to catch all of the action, a map will help you navigate. The official Wimbledon site has downloadable maps available, so make sure you print one off or keep the page handy on your phone.

Comfortable clothes

Wimbledon has a strict “all white” dress code for its players, but thankfully, that doesn’t apply to the spectators! You’re going to be out all day, so make sure you dress comfortably and bring an extra layer and hat, in case your seat is in the sun or shade.

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