Inns and pubs

As traditional as tea and cake, British pub culture often comes with the option of a bed for the night. The coaching inn (see below for details) is a familiar sight and many hostelries around the UK date back to the 18th century and some are even older! Expect a warm atmosphere, traditional décor and the possibility of an onsite dog (or cat) to welcome you!

What is a coaching inn?

In the past, travellers from across the UK would stop off at an inn to eat and recharge their batteries. Most inn’s in Britain date back hundreds of years to when everyone travelled by horse and stagecoach. Many inns boast original architecture and history.

Why choose to stay in an inn or a pub?

  • You can socialise, eat and sleep all under one roof, which is a great way to meet friendly locals
  • You’ll experience the true British pub and inn lifestyle, and you’re sure to pick up some unique stories to share with your friends and family back home 


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