Are you brave enough to stay in Britain’s most haunted hotels?

Friday 12 January 2018

Rumor has it there's something terrifying lurking at some of Britain's best hotels--and you can't even see it! Well, sometimes you can. Yes, we’re talking about ghosts, and trust us, they aren’t always as friendly as Casper. Hello, The Shining.

But don’t take our word for it; all of the allegedly possessed properties are fully-operational and open for business… just in time for Halloween. Feeling brave? Pack your bags (and Ouija board) and spend a night in one of Britain’s most haunted hotels. Then you’ll truly be able to brag, “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.”

Adelphi Hotel & Spa
Ranelagh Street
Liverpool L3 5UL, United Kingdom

If you’re going to stay in a haunted hotel, you might as well stay in the MOST HAUNTED HOTEL IN BRITAIN, according to paranormal investigator and author Tom Slemen. He even claims to have seen some of the ghosts while giving talks in the property’s Sefton Suite, which interestingly, is an exact copy of Titanic’s first-class smoking lounge. “During one talk there was standing room only, and I and many other people saw three men standing at the far end of the room who were dressed as naval officers with white caps and dark jackets with all the braiding,” he told the Liverpool Echo. “I was later told by a member of staff that the ghosts were those of Captain Edward Smith of the Titanic and two unidentified officers."

Though the property doesn’t include the presence of paranormals in its description of the building’s “rich history,” a representative for the hotel group told the Echo: “It wouldn’t surprise me if it was all true, over the years a few members of staff have reported seeing a grey lady in a Victorian-style dress in the basement. We’ve also had reports of somebody hanging out of a window in the Crosby Room and when everybody went to check it the window was locked.”

Langham Hotel London
1C Portland Place
Regent Street
London W1B 1JA, United Kingdom

If you’re staying at this London hotel and notice a change in room temperature, don’t bother calling down to the front desk to have the thermostat adjusted, you’re probably just being haunted by a German Prince. Legend has it that the troubled nobleman threw himself out of an upper-storey window at the property many years ago and is still seen wandering around the halls—and walking through CLOSED doors—on the reg.

But that’s not even the most haunted tale in the Langham’s 150-year plus history (fun fact: it has five resident ghosts). According to, in room 333 a BBC newscaster woke up to see a florescent ball of light, which slowly began to take human shape and hover two feet above the floor. Oh, and it was missing part of its legs and dressed in extravagant Victorian evening wear. Instead of screaming his bloody head off, the announcer supposedly tried to communicate with the ghost, but the spirit slowly started to move towards the newscaster with its arms outstretched.

The Mermaid Inn
Mermaid Street
Rye TN31 7EY, United Kingdom

The Mermaid Inn is kind of like the bad boy in high school who knows he’s being monitored by the principal, but continues to cut class anyway. It knows it’s haunted — and kind of likes it. So much so, that it even mentions its “creaking floorboards,” and 600 years of haunting history as a selling-point on its website.

But to discover the story behind the ghostly tales, we had to do a little digging. According to legend, the inn was used as a stronghold for a band of smugglers (and their mistresses) known as the Hawkhurst Gang between 1730 and 1740. And it seems five of them have never left. From bottles shattering in the middle of the night, to rocking chairs swaying on their own, there have been numerous tales of strange, supernatural stories reported over the years. Although the property owner claims she’s never seen the spirits since acquiring the place in 1980, she does admit, “I certainly have met some very convinced and frightened guests.”

Castle Stuart
Balnaglack Farmhouse
Inverness, IV2 7JL, Scotland

Before it was hailed as one of Scotland’s premier golf destinations, this castle served as home to James Stewart, the Earl of Moray. For unknown reasons, the castle was deemed haunted by local residents. To disprove the theory, Stewart offered a reward to anyone willing to spend a night inside its doors. A local minister accepted the challenge and stayed in a room at the top of the East Tower. The following morning, he was found dead in the courtyard with a look of terror on his face.

Black Swan Hotel
23 Peasholme Green
York, North Yorkshire, YO1 7PR

You won’t just find one lonely ghost at this York hotel. According to the website, it’s teeming with a number of spirits, both in the public areas and landlord’s headquarters. One of the otherworld regulars is a workman in a bowler hat who fidgets and fusses, giving the impression he is waiting for someone. Another frequently spotted ghost is a young woman in a long white dress, who stands against the bar in the back room gazing into the fireplace. But if those two apparitions aren’t quite terrifying enough, then gear up for the fright of your life. Numerous guests have also reported seeing two detached legs strutting around the property—without any sign of a body in sight!

Black Swan Hotel
25-26 The Market Place
Devizes SN10 1JQ, United Kingdom

If a party of ghosts sounds a bit too lively, there’s another ghost of a young woman living at a completely different Black Swan Hotel in Devizes. Legend has it the attractive blonde died while giving birth in room four, and her spirit still remains to this day. On several occasions, guests have spotted the woman in a floor-length flowy white gown sitting in a chair. She gazes out the window, then stands and glides straight into the wall.

Ruthin Castle Hotel & Spa
Castle Street
Ruthin LL15 2NU, United Kingdom

The ghost who inhabits Ruthin Castle may be a cold-blooded killer, but she’s also terribly chic. Dressed head-to-toe in grey, the “Grey Lady” was the wife of the second in command at the castle when it was a fortress occupied by the armies of Edward I. After discovering that her powerful husband was having an affair with a local woman, she reportedly murdered her hubby’s lover with an axe. Today, she’s often heard stomping around the hallways—and even spotted popping up in the background of some guests' photos. Now that’s the ultimate photobomb!

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