Free things to do in Oxford

  1. Picnic in Port Meadow

Settle down for a picnic in the scenic Port Meadow, an area of ancient grazing land that’s still used for horses and cattle. Said to have been given to the city of Oxford by Alfred the Great in the 10th century, it’s a lovely patch of countryside within the city.


  1. Lewis Carroll sights – The Perch

If you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland, stop by some of author Lewis Carroll’s former haunts. One of the best known is The Perch, a 17th-century Oxford pub beside the river, complete with thatched roof and large beautiful garden. Carroll used to drink here, and it’s one of the first places he gave public readings of Alice in Wonderland. By the way, it was also a favourite of Narnia author C.S. Lewis, and fictional character Inspector Morse!


  1. Footprint tours

Footprint tours are free walking tours, so if you want all the juicy information about Oxford from an expert guide without having to pay a penny. Bargain!


  1. The Headington Shark

This unique piece of art is definitely worth a look! What is it? A giant shark that appears to have fallen headfirst through the roof of a house, on an ordinary residential street in Headington, on the outskirts of Oxford.


  1. South Park

South Park is a great green expanse of parkland on Headington Hill in east Oxford. It’s perfect for walks, picnics and the view of the city’s spires and towers from here is beautiful. Watching the sunset over Oxford from South Park is a must.


  1. Oxford University Museum of Natural History

From minerals to butterflies and moths, dinosaur skeletons and fossils and even a huge bee hive you can observe through a glass screen, this free museum is a fascinating place to spend an afternoon.

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