Maritime Greenwich

Just south of central London, you will find the historic borough of Greenwich. Here you can stand on the world-famous Meridian Line at the very home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) by which the whole world tells the time. Within footsteps across Greenwich Royal Park, you can also explore Britain’s seafaring past at the National Maritime Museum, climb aboard the world’s oldest surviving tea clipper ship, Cutty Sark, and take a stroll along this beautiful stretch of London's River Thames past Christopher Wren’s magnificent baroque Old Royal Naval College, which is a popular filming location making appearances in Skyfall, Thor: The Dark World, and The King's Speech. 

There are many ways to get to Greenwich, including the Thames Clipper, the fastest fleet on the river,  the Emirates Air Line, the UK's only urban cable car, and of course the bus and train can take you there. 

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