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Thursday 01 January 1970

So we know Scotland is a wonderful place to visit, with its rich heritage and breathtaking scenery. But did you also know it produces some of the most delicious foods you could ever find? In fact, these particular delicacies are so revered their names are protected by law, ensuring you know you’re getting the real thing, and eating it right where it comes from.

Scottish Salmon

Scottish Salmon On Scotland's west coast, the wild Atlantic laps stunning beaches, just waiting to be explored. While you’re here, be sure to try fresh Scottish Salmon. Argyll & Bute is particularly renowned for their fish and seafood, and pick a restaurant here and you’ll have one fantastic view. While you’re at it, what better way to round off an evening of fine food than with a dram of whisky from one of the many local distilleries.

Arbroath Smokies

Arbroath Smokies The world-famous Arbroath Smokie is haddock that’s wood-smoked, using a specific process in the small fishing town of Arbroath in Angus. The distinctive delicacy is the subject of a dedicated trail that you can follow round the town, taking in no fewer than 8 restaurants and cafés that incorporate Smokies into their dishes. It also takes you to producers that sell authentic Smokies to take home, and gives recipe ideas such as Arbroath Smokie Cullen Skink and risotto.

Stornoway Black Pudding

Stornoway Black Pudding While touring the stunning islands of the Outer Hebrides, be sure to stop off in Stornoway on Lewis. Stroll past the town’s picturesque, bustling harbour before sitting down for a full Scottish breakfast featuring Stornoway black pudding. Unique to Stornoway, this blood sausage speciality is rich and hearty. That will set you up for the day!

Orkney Scottish Island Cheddar

Orkney cheddar The heart of Neolithic Orkney is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the stunning scenery makes these islands a must-visit. All that sightseeing is sure to work up your appetite for some creamy Orkney Scottish Island Cheddar. Following a traditional recipe and process, cheese has been made using local milk in Orkney for hundreds of years; traditionally crofters’ wives would sell surplus to supplement their income. Have yours with oatcakes.

Shetland Lamb

Shetland Isles Britain’s northernmost island group, The Shetlands have a distinct character, and being as far north as Norway, are best visited in the summer when the sun seems to never quite set. After taking in the views, be sure to seek out a local restaurant serving Shetland lamb. Island flocks graze naturally on herb-rich pastures, wild heather and grassland stretching down to the sea, just like they have since ancient times, and results in the meat that has the special ‘sweet’ natural flavour that sets this breed apart.

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