Top 5 Instagrammable ice cream parlours in London

If you scream for ice cream and are social media savvy, get your cameras at the ready, we’ve found you the most Instagrammable ice cream parlours in London!

Milk Train, Covent Garden

Milk Train Café, just a short stroll from Covent Garden, have taken ice cream to another level. They have combined your two childhood favourite sweets in the form of delicious ice cream surrounded by a cloud of sugary candyfloss. If that’s not enough, you can even pimp it out with delicious toppings such as rice puffs and sprinkles.

Milk Train

Soft Serve Society - Shoreditch


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The Soft Serve Society pride themselves on serving premium ice creams in funky ways. You can express yourself with their ‘Espresso Yourself’:vanilla affogato loaded with crumbly Oreos and waffles. Or reach new heights with with their ‘Cloud 9’ delight:–vanilla ice cream topped with berry candyfloss, strawberry crunch, strawberry sauce and popping candy. Yum!

Soft Serve Society

Yolkin - Chinatown

Yolkin serve the ultimate sugary sensation: tasty ice cream sandwiched between two colourful macarons. Stroll through Chinatown, and visit this dessert parlour to taste their pretty pastel delight – there’s sixteen flavours to suit every palate; from rich snickers to aromatic earl grey.


Udderlicious, Covent Garden and Islington

A wander over to Islington is definitely worth it, if you want an Udderlicious treat. This independent ice-cream parlour offer a range of heavenly flavours all freshly made in store. If you struggle to choose between ice cream and cake, you won’t have to at Udderlicious – their ice cream cakes combine your favourite flavours to your tickle your taste buds.


Yorica! - Soho


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Yorica! serves frozen desserts created with mother earth’s finest ingredients. All recipes are completely allergen-free, meaning there’s Fro-yo for everyone to enjoy! Sample flavours like their original ‘Good Vibes Vanilla’ or get a taste of ‘Rad Raspberry’ or ‘Mellow Matcha’. Take it to the next level with some big-time toppings: fresh fruit, cookies and sauces.

27 Mar 2020(last updated)