5 of Britain's best long distance walking trails

Explore the finest walking routes across England, Wales and Scotland


UK National Trails will lead you through some of its most awe-inspiring landscapes. From the River Thames to the Northumberland National Park and the classic English beauty of the Cotswolds, explore Britain’s startling variety.


Hadrian’s Wall, Northeast England

View along Hadrian’s Wall at sunset, Northumberland, England

Once an ancient Roman fortification built to ward off the northern tribes, these days Hadrian’s Wall is a World Heritage Site and fantastic location for walking.

It marks a National Trail that runs for 84 miles (135km) through the spectacular landscapes of the Northumberland National Park.

Walkers here can look over miles of sweeping farmland to the distant rise of the Whin Sill escarpment and the lush green pastures of Cumbria, and imagine the Roman soldiers who once kept guard on the wall.

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Glyndŵr's Way, Mid Wales

Green pastures and dramatic open moorland await on Glyndŵr's Way, a National Trail that runs for 135 miles (217km) through some of Mid-Wales’ most beautiful parts.

Look out over the Cambrian Mountains and see the sky reflected in Lake Vyrnwy as you enjoy the peace and quiet of the Welsh countryside.

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Cotswold Way, Central England

 Man walking towards Broadway Tower, Broadway, Cotswolds, Worcestershire, England, UK

If you’re looking for those traditional English countryside scenes of rolling green hills, forests and farmland, the Cotswolds offers just that.

The Cotswold Way runs for 102 miles (163km), rewarding walkers with great views over the beech woods, pasture and traditional limestone villages of the Severn Vale.

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The Thames Path, Southern/Central England and London

Christchurch meadow, looking towards Folly Bridge, Oxford, along the Thames path

Follow Britain’s best-known river as it winds into London, and imagine all the goings-on this waterway has seen through time.

The Thames Path runs 184 miles (294km) from the source of the Thames in Kemble, Gloucestershire, and you can watch it turn from a stream into the broad river that runs through London. Riverside pubs, market towns (including Oxford) and London’s bustling Southbank are all highlights of this trail.

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The West Highland Way, Highlands, Scotland

The West Highland Way is like a sightseer’s guide to Scotland’s most famous landscapes.

The snowy crags of Ben Lomond, the great glassy expanse of Loch Lomond, and the rugged peaks of Glencoe are among the sights you’ll encounter as you tackle Scotland’s great outdoors, and meet all kinds of wildlife as you go.

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