Cadillac parked in Bampton
Image © Joan Wakeham/Rex


The village of Bampton, also called Bampton-in-the-Bush, is located in the south of the picturesque Cotswolds region. It's known to many as the fictional Downton Village in the hit TV show, Downton Abbey

Until the 19th century, Bampton was a market town, but today it's officially designated a village. The area was a major late Anglo-Saxon centre: the focus of a royal manor, and site of a 'minster' church. The town enjoyed prosperity in the early Middle ages, and much of its wealth was based on wool, textile, and leather working.

Honey-coloured stone, historic buildings, and old world charm make Bampton a must-see. The village is located about 1.5 hours outside London via car and 3.5 hours via train.