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Up North

From Olympic heroes to Beatlemania, the North has given England some of its greatest hits.

Durham Cathedral, Durham

You may recognise the Cathedral’s walls from the Harry Potter films, where it served as a location for Hogwarts. Today, it’s home to a number of exhibitions, including several commemorating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. Drafted to create peace between King John and a group of rebel barons, the Magna Carta is one of the most significant documents ever created.

Sportcity, Manchester

Less than two miles from Manchester city centre is Europe’s largest concentration of sporting venues. Here, you’ll find the home of Manchester City Football Club and the National Cycling Centre, nicknamed ‘The Medal Factory.’

30 James Street, Liverpool

If you want a truly first-class experience, check out this luxury hotel, modelled after the famous RMS Titanic. Throughout the hotel you’ll find stunning furnishings that have been custom-made by James Street’s own on-site carpenters, which means you won’t find the same piece twice throughout the hotel. Each suite is named after famous historic figures of the era, and combines a vintage look with the luxury amenities you’d expect from a modern hotel, such as comfy beds, Wi-Fi and smart TVs.

30 James Street

Hadrian’s Wall, Carlisle

Discover England’s Roman heritage with live excavations and thought-provoking exhibitions. You can also explore the dungeons that still remain at Carlisle Castle.

The Singing Ringing Tree, Burnley

This musical sculpture can be found towering over Burnley at Crown Point, where it harnesses the power of the westerly winds to produce a haunting song. This unique sound, combined with its striking appearance, earned the Tree the National Award for architectural excellence in 2007, awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). It’s also worth visiting the tree just for the view. From here you can spot the Turf Moor stadium, home of Premier League soccer team, Burnley FC.

The Singing Ringing Tree
© John Lyons

The Cavern Club, Liverpool

True music-lovers need to make the pilgrimage to The Cavern Club, the birthplace of Beatlemania. Day trippers can check out the live shows (including modern bands and tribute acts) or get a ticket to ride on the Magical Mystery Tour, a cool bus trip that takes you to the places that inspired the band’s lyrics.