Seven reasons to love Blackpool's ballroom scene

Wednesday 21 March 2018

Watch our exclusive video with World Dance Champions Katya and Neil Jones to find out what makes Blackpool such a special place not just for them but dancers, architecture lovers and romantics alike. Then discover SEVENNNN reasons why the Blackpool ballroom scene is worth experiencing for yourself.


The Blackpool Tower Ballroom looks like something out of a fairytale

Shimmering chandeliers, gilded balconies and dreamy frescos make the Blackpool Tower Ballroom one of the most romantic places in the world to ask someone to dance. Just ask Katya and Neil Jones who met in Blackpool.


The Empress Ballroom isn’t too shoddy either


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This ballroom beauty with its cavernous barrel-vaulted ceiling and bang-on acoustics has hosted the Blackpool Dance Festival since 1920. Book a ticket to one of the annual events taking place through the year to see sequinned couples light up the dance floor as they shimmy and sway under the glow of no fewer than 12 glass chandeliers.


And dancers from across the world dream of competing here

For professional dancers, it doesn’t get more prestigious than the eight-day Blackpool Dance Festival. It’s the first and most famous annual ballroom dance competition in the world, attracting dancers from no fewer than 60 countries.


You can follow in their footsteps on a sprung dance floor

Throw some sultry shapes on the Blackpool Tower Ballroom’s vast sprung dance floor made up of an incredible 30,602 blocks of mahogany, oak and walnut (let’s not think about how they counted them). Skills permitting, you’ll be tangoing and two-stepping where the stars of Strictly have performed.


Or indulge in unique afternoon tea

If you’ve got two left feet, you can always watch from the sidelines instead as you enjoy a traditional afternoon tea. Fine china, dainty sandwiches, scones slathered with cream and jam, and if you’re feeling fancy, a glass of champagne. Don’t mind if we do!


The Blackpool Tower Ballroom also plays host to Strictly Come Dancing

This dazzling dancehall regularly features in the famous show which World Champion Katya Jones won in 2017 alongside celebrity dance partner Joe McFadden.

Oh, and did we mention the Wurlitzer?

If ever there was a sound to transport you back to the golden age of dancehalls this elaborate theatre organ has it. Watch in awe as the organist brings this charming, neon-bathed instrument to life, providing an elegant backing track for dancers and tea quaffers alike.


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