Give Back: Join the Puffarazzi

Give Back: Join the Puffarazzi


Give Back: Join the Puffarazzi

There’s no hiding that holiday photos are made for Instagram, so why not ‘do it for the ‘gram’ with a purpose? The RSPB, one of the UK’s most prominent wildlife charities, want to learn more about puffins and what they eat so they can understand why these distinctive birds are falling in number so dramatically.


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Photographer: Chris Taylor

Dunnet Head, the most northerly point in mainland Britain, already has plenty of impressive natural views, but it’s also the perfect place to catch a glimpse of a puffin with fish dangling from their brightly coloured bills. You’ll need a good zoom, but if you do manage to snap a photo or two, then simply upload them to Instagram with the hashtag #Puffarazzi. Your pictures could help preserve these beautiful birds.

Dunnet Head

More things to do on your Microgap

Spend a day exploring the Orkney Islands


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Hop on a ferry from John o’Groats and 40 minutes later you’ll land on Orkney. On a full-day tour of the archipelago, you’ll get to traverse across the five islands, all joined together by the Churchill Barriers. You’ll visit an array of sites along the way, like the awe-inspiring Standing Stones and the Stone Age village of Skara Brae. 


Spot the Northern Lights

Why splash the cash on a trip to Norway or Finland when you can see the breath-taking Aurora Borealis right here in the UK? Wild camping in Scotland is a must-do, so set up your tent on Dunnet Head during the winter months and wait for nightfall. If there are clear skies, you may be lucky enough to witness the fascinating greens, pinks and fiery oranges dance across the sky. 

Dunnet Head

Mould your own handmade chocolates

Still waiting for a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory? Well we have the next best thing. The CoCo chocolate workshop in Bower lets you get hands on with Belgian chocolates, with cocoa experts teaching you how to make your own truffles, how to temper chocolate and how to use jazzy moulds. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of tasting opportunities too!  

Coco Campervan & Chocolatier
22 Oct 2019(last updated)