Learn More: Jump and twirl on a vertical wall

Learn More: Jump and twirl on a vertical wall


Learn More: Jump and twirl on a vertical wall

Higher Space Vertical Wall workshops allow you to see the world of dance from a whole new angle.

Four women doing aerial dancing

Harnessed in at the waist and suspended from the ceiling, you’ll learn how to stand horizontally on a special bouncy wall, working all different kinds of muscles as you settle in to your stance. Then comes the fun part. Spinning and whirling through the air, you’ll attempt pendulum swings, running and leaping from side to side on the tensioned fabric wall. Who knew exercise could be so fun?

Wired Aerial Theatre

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Try a Shankly Pie at Homebaked

A selection of pies from Homebaked in Liverpool

This community-run bakery between Everton and Anfield stadiums is famous for its inventive and tasty pies. The Shankly – filled with steak, bacon, onion and mushrooms – is named after legendary Liverpool manager, Bill Shankly. Every penny you spend goes right back to the bakery too. 


Reminisce about the good old video days


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Feel the nostalgia set in at the UK’s last remaining VHS rental shop. Accompanied by owner Andy Johnson, you’ll head through the 8-foot-high video wall to compete in a retro arcade game tournament (think Donkey Kong and Space Invaders), before settling into his 70-seat VCR cinema. 


Be a LFC fan for the day

Can’t splash out on a ticket to Anfield? No bother – head down to Camp and Furnace’s ‘Fan Park’ to catch the game. The warehouse bar projects the footy onto a big screen, so you can grab a pint and enjoy the game with fellow fans. Prepare to get soaked if Liverpool score though. 

Camp and Furnace
23 Oct 2019(last updated)