What is a Microgap?

Thursday 18 October 2018

Want to escape but can’t get the time off work or fork out for a long holiday? If yes, then say hello to the microgap. 

Maybe you’re thinking about a short career break, looking to restore some work-life balance, or you just have an itch to leave town and try something completely new. 
A microgap can do wonders for mind, body and soul, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting your passport.

There’s so much to see out there and it’s hard to know where to start so, we’ve made a bucket list of things we’d love to do on a microgap to give you some ideas.


Adventure: Conquer a Welsh icon



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With miles upon miles of trekking trails across mountains, valleys and hills, Britain has some special places to hike. Few treks can match the experience of Snowdonia National Park, amid epic mountain vistas and beautiful lakes. There’s a load more to enjoy than just hiking – you can whizz on the world’s longest and fastest underground zip line, go white water rafting, and surf on a man-made lagoon. But the climb to the top Snowden is utterly unforgettable. 



Wellness: Sleep in a tipi in a starlit meadow 



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Are you craving a digital detox? Eager to reconnect with nature? Maybe it’s time get ‘off the grid’ and fine-tune yourself with a meditative getaway at Eco Retreats in the remote Welsh heartland. It’s about 25 minutes off the nearest tarmac road on a working organic farm that gives a welcome respite from the strains of city life. 


New skills: Become a masterchef 



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Ever wanted to try some hands-on creative gastronomy? Be a cookery extraordinaire and show off to your mates with your newly upgraded culinary skills. The Cook School in Kilmarnock offers the ultimate cookery experience and insists upon a fun, informal and stress-free experience.


Culture: Be yourself somewhere new



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Culture needn’t be expensive and perhaps nowhere is more renowned for its culture than London’s east end – a melting pot of sounds, sights and smells with freedom of expression at its core. Lined with rebellious and thought-provoking street art, Shoreditch is a global hive of expression and creativity. Learn the stories behind the people of the east end and afar with an immersive Street Art tour through the neighbourhood.


Volunteer: A chance to give back



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There’s been a rise in the number of people wanting to do something for the environment and a big plastic clean up to help rid our beaches and waterways of plastic waste. The Marine Conservation Society has a programme called Seasearch, which is a project for volunteer sports divers. If you have an interest in what’s under the water, want to learn more our marine life and help protect the environment of Britain’s coastlines, this is just the ticket.