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Warwick day trip

Image: Warwick Castle

Famously the home county of William Shakespeare, who hailed from Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire is crammed with historic sites, castles and the beautifully green rolling fields and forests of the English countryside. In the town of Warwick itself you’ll be able to explore some inspiring historic sites, from the medieval Collegiate Church of St Mary to the magnificent Warwick Castle. 

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Warwick is a short train ride away from London and Birmingham. For London to Warwick, catch the train from London Marylebone Station for a 1hr 30 mins journey. We recommend the 9.40am train so you can make a nice long day of it. Birmingham is closer, and you can get the train directly from Moor Street, Birmingham or Snow Hill, Birmingham train stations to Warwick in 30 minutes.

Things to do in Warwick

Dating back to 1068, Warwick Castle has been part of British history for nearly 1,000 years. It’s been besieged, captured, and repelled enemy attackers on many occasions, so it’s seen its fair share of action! Today this beautifully kept castle makes a great day out, staging exciting medieval events like jousting and falconry, and some great immersive experiences like the castle dungeon. Warwick Castle is a 15 minute walk from Warwick Station.

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This 15th century church is the centrepiece of the historic town of Warwick, and considered to be one of the finest examples of English Gothic architecture in Britain. Parts of the church date back even further, to the 12th century – explore this beautiful testimony to the skills of the medieval craftsmen who built it! It’s right in the town centre, around a 10 minute walk from the station.

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Explore the history of Warwickshire’s County Regiment from its raising in 1674 to the present day. This museum is a good mix of interactive, hands on and real objects – try on uniforms, listen to the stories of the regiment and find out all about its role in the two world wars.

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The Mill Garden is located just beneath the walls of Warwick Castle and is open from April – October.  It’s a place of tranquillity that includes views of the castle, medieval bridge, castle mill and the river.

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Lord Leycester Hospital is an historic group of timber framed buildings on Warwick High Street dating back to the 14th Century. It was a place of retirement for old warriors known as Brethren and some still remain today living in the buildings. The Brethren can be seen in their ceremonial uniform and offer tours of their building and gardens.

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Warwick Boats offers a wide variety of boats to enjoy a leisurely row down the River Avon from electric motor boats, canoes, kayaks or pedalos! This is a great family day out and you can row past the majestic Warwick Castle as part of your trip.

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