Britain's most southerly isle. 

Jersey, Channel Islands


  • Located some 100 miles south of mainland Britain, Jersey is the biggest of the Channel Islands and the most southerly of the British Isles.
  • In fact, Jersey is much closer to France than Britain, lying just 14 miles from its coast. And at just 9 miles by 5 miles it’s a compact place to explore that manages to cram in the best of land and sea.
  • Jersey reveals itself slowly as you pass wisteria-clad cottages and traditional granite farmhouses bathed in late summer light.
  • Discover hidden beaches, lush valleys, tranquil lanes and ragged coastline all basking in the warmest temperatures in Britain.
  • Explore magnificent castles, fascinating wildlife, adventure parks and hands-on museums that really bring history to life.
  • That’s not forgetting the capital, St Helier, with its smart, sophisticated shops and vibrant Victorian markets.
  • You can fly to Jersey from around Britain. From London it’s about a 1 hour flight. If you’d prefer to travel by hire car, you can get a ferry from Poole or Weymouth which takes about 4 hours to reach the island. 


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