Culture in Manchester

  1. Around the circumference of the central lake sits Manchester’s first nature reserve, Chorlton Water Park. Visit for the opportunity to wander the winding paths, admire the wildflower and enjoy the spectacular woodlands. If you’re feeling adventurous you can also take park in water-sports and go fishing while at the lake.


  1. Want to see something a bit different? Arts centre HOME prides itself on catering to curiosity seekers. It houses two theatres for daring, new and commissioned work, as well as five cinema screens that showcase independent and challenging films. It also has two contemporary art galleries which are usually open until 8pm.


  1. You can find the artistic work of local talent, as well as fun vintage fairs crafty days out at Artzu. Located in the heart of the Old Granada Studios, the Artzu Gallery is proud and honoured home to private art collections and highly-regarded exhibitions.


  1. Manchester’s Imperial War Museum North is a must-see for Daniel Libeskind disciples. Found in the Salford Quays area, Libeskind’s complex is structured around interlocking shards. Representing air, earth and water, they are remnants of a metaphorical globe ravaged by conflict. Doubling as the museum’s entranceway, the 55m-high air shard also has a viewing balcony which faces the skyline.


  1. The Royal Exchange theatre offers an in-the-round experience, making the audience feel completely involved in the drama taking place. The company masterfully showcases epic production and a new generation of storytellers from one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.


  1. If you visit the city in the month of October you’ll be able to step into the Manchester Literature Festival, which has been running since 2006. MLF provides the book loving audience with showcases from the best in writing from across the globe. The festival also offers new and emerging talent the opportunity to get noticed. 

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