Broadcasters Guide to Britain

Monday 28 May 2012

You will see the depth and diversity of this country from its cities, countryside and coast, which truly reflects what, is quintessentially British. With nearly 300 pages we have simplified each chapter with a searchable index which will direct you to the content you need on:-

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· England

· Scotland

· Wales

· Northern Ireland

· Channel Islands – Guernsey and Jersey

· Isle of Man

With each location we have provided the following:-

· Description

· Address and Contact Details with hyperlinks for web and email.

· Photography

· Best Time of Day to film

· Permit Requirements

· Filming Fees

· Public Liability Insurance

· Stand Up Position if available

· Connections to the Olympic and Paralympic Games or the Queens Diamond Jubilee

· Maps - If you click on the images for each location this will direct you to Google maps

In addition, we have provided useful contacts and links to film offices around the UK, and to the London Media Centre’s “Practical Guide for Broadcasters” which provides all the information on filming in London

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