One hour from Newcastle


Visit the ancient Roman Hadrian's Wall

Stretching 73 miles across the far north of England, the Roman fortification known as Hadrian’s Wall is definitely a World Heritage Site worth visiting. Walk along the Wall Path and see what remains of the ancient settlements and forts, before stopping for a nibble (or tipple) at the picturesque market town of Brampton.


Meet exotic animals at Washington Wetland Centre

Get up close and personal with rare and exotic birds and mammals (you can even feed them corn from the palm of your hand) at Washington Wetland Centre. Home to exotic wildfowl, flocks of wild waders, Asian short-clawed otters, grey herons, Chilean flamingos, woodland birds, insects and amphibians, you’re sure to meet plenty of furry friends during your visit.


Visit a magnificent medieval castle

Take a walk along Northumberland’s picturesque coast until you reach Dunstanburgh Castle. Marvel at the 14th-century ruins from the wave-battered shoreline, then stop off for some Craster Kipper (salty fish) on your way back to Newcastle.


One hour from Newcastle

Discover dangerous plants at Alnwick Poison Garden

Stop (but don’t smell) the flowers at Alnwick Poison Garden. In the grounds of Alnwick Castle it’s home to 100 infamous killers, including Deadly Nightshade, Mandrake, and even a variety of illegal narcotics, it’s sure to be the most thrilling garden you’ve even stepped foot in.


See baby seals in the Farne Islands

See 23 different species of seabirds and adorable baby seals (more than 1,000 pups are born every autumn) at the Farne Islands. Since most of the 28 different islands become submerged at high-tide, visitors are only able to walk around the Farne and Staple islands (but don’t worry, you’ll see the rest on your boat ride over).


Visit one of the best preserved historical buildings in Europe

For a sliver of 11th-century history, spend a few hours wandering around Auckland Castle – one of the UK’s most important and best-preserved historical buildings in all of Europe. For nearly 900 years, it served as the palace of the Prince Bishops of Durham, and though the site has undergone many changes throughout year, visitors can expect a complete refurbishment in the years to come.

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